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Care of Canvas

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Taking Care of Your Canvas

 With just a little care and attention, you can proudly display your canvas picture for many years to come.    


Avoid placing in direct sunlight 

Whilst all our canvases are laminated 1, all prints will eventually start to fade if placed in strong sunlight for long periods of time. 



Keeping it clean 

Generally, just using a soft dry cloth to remove dust will be sufficient to keep your canvas clean.  Rarely will you need to do any more than this.


We don’t recommend using a wet cloth but, because the canvas has a laminate coating1, if the need arises, a slightly moist soft cloth can be used to remove dirt, etc.  In very extreme circumstances, a very mild soap solution could be used.


Always apply with care.  Don’t use abrasive, detergent, solvents or any form of polish.  These types of cleaner will damage the coating on the canvas.



1Liquid Lamination Coating

 All canvases are protected with 3 layers of water-based, liquid lamination.  This non-yellowing, invisible coating enhances colours, intensifies blacks, further increases fade resistance and provides protection against handling and atmospheric gases. It "seals" the canvas surface making it easier to keep your canvas dust and dirt free.

How to re-tension the canvas 

Tension wedges/keys have been inserted into the corners of the frame.  All fabric may relax in time.  If this happens, and the canvas appears to be sagging, it can be re-tightened by the following method.


Place your frame upright on a firm surface covered with a clean, soft covering (e.g. carpet).  Gently tap each wedge once with a hammer, turning the frame for each wedge. 


If, after tapping each wedge once, the canvas is still loose, repeat this process again.


Always take care.  Whacking the wedges with a lump hammer isn’t the best way to look after your frame.   Extreme force may push the wedges through the sides of the canvas and/or split the frame.


Please note that we wouldn’t expect the canvas to require re-stretching for a long time, sometimes never.  


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