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Printing & Framing Info

Taking Care of Your Canvas


We use Canon large-format, high-resolution printers and Canon LUCIA 12-colour pigment inks. Lucia pigment ink has a special polymer coating around each ink particle to improve ink adhesion to media. Increasing durability, light fastness and scratch resistance. Resulting in colour-stable, durable prints with bright, vivid colours and outstanding black & white.

Colourfast for 90 years and a high resistance to moisture and atmospheric gases. 


Only when the prints are thoroughly dry do we then apply three spray-coats of non-yellowing, water-based giclée veneer (liquid lamination).  This invisible coating enhances colours, intensifies blacks, further increases fade resistance and provides protection against handling and atmospheric gases. It "seals" the canvas surface making it easier to keep your canvas dust and dirt free.



Photographs/artwork printed onto 450gsm museum-grade, water-resistant, white cotton blend canvas. Sealed with giclée veneer and stretched onto kiln-dried stretcher frames.  A choice of two frame depths - ¾" (18mm) or 1½" (38mm).  All arrive ready to hang on your wall.



There are three ways we frame stretched canvas. Gallery-wrap, Museum-Wrap and "Gallery-wrap Effect"

Gallery wrap box canvas photo print                                  Gallery-wrap  The more contemporary and most popular method, wrapping the image around the edges of the frame




 If you prefer the gallery wrap style but can't afford to lose any of the picture around the outside of the frame, then select "Gallery Wrap Effect".  We use various techniques and we will do all we can to achieve this for you, at no extra cost


Museum wrap canvas photo print                                   Museum-wrap   In this traditional method the entire image is kept at the front of the frame, leaving the sides white (or any preferred colour). 




This can be useful when selecting a picture where the subject is very close to the edges, not leaving enough of the image to wrap around the frame without losing vital body parts!



Kiln-dried fir wood frames. Standard (18mm depth) or Deep (38mm depth). 

Fir stretcher bars are heavier and stronger than other types and are far less prone to warping.

Rear of finished frameThe canvas is stretched over the frames, keeping all staple fixings at the back

Tension wedges are inserted into the frame corners to ensure that the canvas can be kept in excellent condition. 

The back of the frame is neatened with white cloth tape.  Picture hooks or alligator brackets are fixed so that it is ready for you to hang on your wall. 

There are a lot of cheap framed canvases on the market that are stretched over just strips of  MDF or wood, with no possibility of inserting tension wedges/keys into the corners of the frames.  All canvas, as with any fabric, can relax in time - so it's vital to buy a frame that utilises wedges in the corners.  A gentle tap on each wedge will tighten the canvas back to its original condition.  Without these, the canvas would have to be removed from the frame and re-stretched - with a high risk of damaging the canvas.

We like "neat, tidy corners", so great effort is always made to ensure that every frame that leaves us has four of them!



Your picture can be printed in original colour, black & white or sepia.  All at the same price.  You will given the option for choosing when uploading your image to our server.  Just send the image through in its original colour and we will convert it.

Box-framed Photo on Canvas printed in original colour

 Original Colour
Box-framed Photo on Canvas printed in black & white Black & White
Box-framed Photo on Canvas printed in sepia




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